Siux Genesis Hybrid Black Carbon

Siux Genesis Hybrid Black Carbon

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The padel racket used by the Chiqui, Álvaro Cepero, is now available in Siux. This beauty is first cousin of the Siux Genesis Hybrid by Lucho Capra. The main change is in the Black Carbon 3K with which its layouts have been manufactured, achieving a smoother surface.

Besides, the new Siux Genesis Hybrid Black has a more elegant design style for its black colour, perfect for those who do not want to call attention to anything but their game. Like its Gold Carbon version, this new Siux padel racket incorporates a Vibrastop K-2.0

anti-vibration device to help reduce vibration. This Siux Vibrastop can be put on and taken off at the whim of the player carrying the padel racket.

With that in mind, it incorporates the neck with PentaCore System, which also contributes in this way. This padel racket can be used without problems by those who suffer easily from elbow problems.

On the other hand, the frame of the Genesis Hybrid Black is a two-tube carbon frame for exceptional durability and resistance. The core is shared with the latest Siux TOP padel rackets: EVA Soft 5 Laminations High Recovery rubber, ideal for extraordinary recovery speed.

Cepero’s new padel racket has a medium-to-high balance, an hybrid shape and a wonderful balance between potency and control. Perfect for hitting the net, attacking the opponent and defending the bottom of the court. This new Siux is designed for high level or professional players.